Who we are?

MARKETON INC., headquartered in El Monte, California, was founded by Constantino Miguel, who moved from his birthplace, Asturias, Spain, to Havana, Cuba in 1958, to work as a salesman with his uncle. Shortly after the Castro revolution, he moved back to Spain, before heading to America in 1968. By 1972, he opened his first neighborhood market in Pasadena, California, before opening a number of more stores over next several years.

Today, Marketon operates 5 full line supermarkets in the neighboring state of Nevada, with 4 stores in Las Vegas and 1 store in Reno. It recently re-branded its stores to its new name, Marketon and plans a capital investment in its stores, which will reflect a more modern and fresher look and convenience to its customers.

Our Promises

01 GUARANTEE: Everything you buy will be 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed for 30 days from the date of purchase, with proof of purchase.

02 FRIENDLINESS: Service with Smiles. Within 10 feet of any customer, we will smile, greet you sincerely, and ask if we can help you, then thank you for choosing us.

03 3'S-A-CROWD: When there are 3 or more customers waiting, we will open another check stand or get more counter help.

04 VALUE: We commit to buying in large quantities and at reduced costs, so we can save you money!

05 QUALITY : Our foods will always be freshest possible and of the highest quality.

06 CLEAN: Associates will handle all foods using standardized sanitation procedures and will maintain the store in a clean manner at all times.

07 SAFETY: We will maintain the entire store in a clean and safe manner, to ensure the safety of our customers and associates at all times.

08 FREE SEASONING : Free of charge, we will offer to season any fresh beef, pork, chicken or fish, using our own special spices.

09 RAIN CHECKS : While we always try to have enough stock of each advertised item, we will offer you a written rain check, so you can get the item another day and the sale price.

10 COMPLIMENTS, SUGGESTIONS, COMPLAINTS : Store management will always listen and document all praises, recommendations or problems, report them to corporate and resolve your issue, whenever possible, within 24 hours.

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